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The Leader of Diversity Recruitment Publishing for Almost 50 Years

Photo of John R. Miller and Alfred Duckett
John R. Miller, III, founder, president, and publisher of EOP's magazines along with co-founder Alfred Duckett

Since 1968 Equal Opportunity Publications, Inc. (EOP) has led the way from affirmative action to diversity recruitment by publishing career-guidance and recruitment magazines for women, members of minority groups and people with disabilities.

"First in diversity, best in results" is the slogan that summarizes EOP's successful record of helping job seekers from underrepresented groups find employment and aiding companies and government agencies eager to recruit from this diversified workforce.

EOP was established in 1968 as the nation's only interracially owned and staffed company under the leadership of CEO John R. Miller III, who founded of EOP's seven magazines, and co-founder Alfred Duckett (deceased), who collaborated with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the "I Have a Dream" speech.

EOP began operations by publishing Equal Opportunity magazine (1968), the nation's first career magazine for minority college graduates. Woman Engineer and Minority Engineer (both launched in 1979), CAREERS & the disABLED (1986), STEM Workforce Diversity (1994), and Hispanic Career World and African-American Career World (2001) are the other magazines currently published.

"First in its field, EOP has always been the harbinger of diversity employment trends that affect human resources managers, college students and professionals in a wide range of disciplines. For almost 50 years, we've been the unquestioned leader in diversity recruitment publishing," says Miller.

To maintain its leadership role, EOP created its successful Diversity Resume Database in 1998. It continues in that role by hosting a diversity and inclusion website, www.eop.com, which includes EOP's Diversity & Inclusion Career Center, a job board offering many user-friendly features for both the job seekers and employers.

EOP also hosts CAREERS & the disABLED's "Employers and Employees of the Year" Awards ceremony each year. In addition, EOP sponsors seven career fairs annually: four CAREERS & the disABLED Career Expos and three EOP's STEM Diversity Career Expos.

Photo of John R. Miller and Alfred Duckett on The Today Show
John R. Miller, III, and Alfred Duckett being interviewed live on The Today Show by Barbara Walters and Edwin J. Newman during United Negro History Week.

Copies of Woman Engineer, Minority Engineer and STEM Workforce Diversity are received by 360 accredited colleges and universities that offer engineering degree programs. Copies of Equal Opportunity, Hispanic Career World, African-American Career World and CAREERS & the disABLED are distributed in bulk in all 2,474 accredited four-year colleges and universities. Furthermore, students and professionals, human resources managers and organizations advocating for the workplace advancement of members of minority groups, women and people with disabilities subscribe to the magazines.

"As we approach 50 years of award-winning diversity recruitment publishing and look toward the next 50 years, EOP will continue to be on the crest of trends in the workplace," Miller explains. "The need for diversity in the U.S. workforce is a fact, particularly in the fields of engineering and information technology."

"The demand for talent in these fields is profoundly felt by every recruiter. EOP continues to develop new products and programs to answer the needs of advertisers and help them with appropriate strategies to meet their employment goals. And we shall carry on our tradition of providing quality editorial that assists our readers in their job search and with professional development," he adds.


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