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Workforce Diversity For Engineering And IT Professionals Magazine, established in 1994, is the first magazine published for the professional, diversified high-tech workforce, which encompasses everyone, including women, members of minority groups, people with disabilities, and non-disabled white males. to advance in the diversified working community.

This magazine reaches engineering or information technology graduate students or professionals nationwide at their home addresses.

If you are an engineering/IT graduate student or professional, Workforce Diversity for Engineering & IT Professionals is available to you FREE!

Workforce Diversity

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 Caballero’s Work Ensures the Peace of Mind of Verizon Customers

As part of the wireless network management center at Verizon, Nelson Caballero, engineer IV, network system assurance, proactively monitors live data, network statistics, call flows and trends to prevent critical network events.
“My work ensures trust and peace of mind for Verizon customers everywhere,” Caballero describes, “and I address potential network issues before they become service-impacting because we believe that better matters.”
Caballero’s work has changed the way he looks at a cell phone. He feels he’s not alone, “[especially when] you learn what happens in the background within the network and how all of the network elements interact with each other so we can reliably communicate with the world!”
His work has also multiplied his skill set. “Before joining Verizon, I never expected to be learning so many new technologies in my working career. Fortunately, I’ve been very surprised to find a plethora of new knowledge and opportunities to be at the front of new and upcoming technologies within the industry.”
Verizon, in turn, learns from Caballero and his Hispanic colleagues. “Through the Hispanic Support Organization, which is one of the employee resource groups within the organization, I see that the company isn’t only invested in having diverse talent, but it also genuinely wants our different perspectives. I feel I belong, and my contribution is important.”
Verizon contributes to Caballero, in turn, beginning before he was even hired: “Before joining Verizon, I was awarded the 2012 HENAAC scholarship sponsored by Verizon. I was also heavily involved with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) during college. These opportunities allowed me to start building a relationship with the company and many Verizon professionals before graduating college.”
Now that he’s one of the Verizon professionals, Caballero is riding the wave of communication tech. “I’m exposed daily to exciting new technologies such as 5G, OneTalk and many other services implemented on our IMS core,” he says.
“I truly believe it’s an exciting time to be in the industry given the many new technologies that are being developed and that have so much potential to impact our daily lives (e.g., 5G, software-defined networks, blockchain, automation, artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, etc.).”
Caballero has also taken on another meaningful leadership role. “My current role as the HSO mid-states president allows me to advocate for diversity and inclusion, cultural awareness in the workplace, as well as the advancement of our communities, with a focus on promoting STEM in underserved communities. This opportunity has been very rewarding and fulfilling not only for my professional career, but also for my personal life.”
Apply for jobs with Basking Ridge, NJ-headquartered Verizon at verizon.com/about/careers. Connect on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.
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