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African-American Career World Magazine, launched in 2001, is the recruitment link between students and professionals who are African American and the employers that seek to hire them. The publication includes career strategies, industry trends, and role-model profiles that target the African-American community.

This magazine reaches students, graduate students and professionals at their home addresses.

If you are an African-American college student or professional, African-American Career World is available to you FREE!

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 Douyon Ensures Global Usability at Google

For almost four years Nancy Douyon has been improving Google consumer services for users by helping product teams think creatively via design evaluations and sprints.
“It's easy to design for life in the U.S. and other western counties, but so much of the global market is outside the developed world,” explains Douyon, a global user experience lead, consumer operations, at Google. She leads research and design on the end-to-end experience for all new and critical launches.
“I create solid foundations to ensure my team meets stakeholder, partner and user objectives through rich, insightful research and effective design,” adds Douyon, who previously held research, design and engineering positions at IBM Interactive Research, Accenture Experience Agency and Intel's Mobility Group.
However, it’s not always easy when designing globally. For instance, after a trip to East Africa last year, Douyon found that by simply using her phone like she would in the U.S., she racked up thousands of dollars in roaming charges. Her eyes were opened to the need for effectively adapting products to the local environment.
“Keeping those users in mind is a big challenge, but one with potentially big rewards for designers who can look beyond our borders in an increasingly globalized world.”
Douyon also considers how gender, ethnicity and other demographics influence the way an audience receives information. “I've learned about designing with this intentional awareness as key to improving design, creation and research, which ultimately leads to building better user experiences,” she remarks.
This is why advises young professionals to “use your background as a person of color as a tool and differentiator to help your teams innovate so you bring about world-changing solutions that aren't just scalable but profitable.”
In 2017 she continues her daily quest to broaden usability “by helping organizations learn about humanizing usability and user experience across cultural boundaries.”
Go to Google careers page, careers.google.com/fields-of-work, for job opportunities. Follow Google and Life @Google on Facebook, Twitter, Integra, LinkedIn and Google+.
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